Goldie Mae Production: A Whole LOT of Fun

Everyone is having a great time; sharing laughs, dancing, stuffing their faces full of Mac and cheese and fried pork sandwiches (yes, that really was on the menu, and yes, it really was amazing). 

There’s a child in a blue inflatable unitard performing for hundreds of strangers, completely unfazed by the attention and camera flashes popping off around him. I want to say he’s unfazed, because one would like to think he’s doing this voluntarily, and for his own personal satisfaction. But, since his entire head is covered with a blue nylon stocking, nobody can be for sure. He may have been crying under that hood, but I did not see little wet circles forming on his fabric face, so I chose to believe he is in his happy place while umpa-lumpa-ing around the LOT’s annual Basharoo held in Denver last night.

This is not my first and it won’t be my last attendance at this yearly gathering of film industry folks. I enjoy this event for the casual, un-pretentiousness that is Colorado film making. If you wore your slinky little black dress to this party, you wasted your time. If you wore high heels to this party, you regretted it immediately.

You can sit around the fire pit and reminisce with old friends, and there’s value in that, but you can do that anytime. This is a partay with possibilities! It’s not time to stand around and look cute, it’s time to network, make new friends, pass some business cards around, find out what’s coming around the pike and dance with the blue boy.

Goldie Mae Productions models Alyssa Wahr, Vanessa Sanders, Caitlin Badinger, Michael Thomas Hanke, Michelle Smith, coach Masha Pichugina and owner Julie Gallahue found more than tasty eats and  free drinks at this shindig. With only a few weeks until Halloween more…

Writer: Julie Gallaue


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