Michael Hanke featured in Goldie May Production Post: Dude Look Like A Lady

Some people prefer the mystique, the rebellion, and the wardrobe options when those walls of gender drop and you can be the short, skinny bad-ass. Or for that matter, the tall, strong and femmy type, if you are say, Michael Thomas Hanke, who was our Lone Ranger in the corral of cuties hiding their breasts in men’s dress shirts.

I doubt there was a  day that he thought, I want to get into modeling so I can learn to pout like a girl and pop my hips, but Michael got a crash course in being gender neutral this last week as Goldie Mae Productions Discovered models and Photographer Vinnie White took to the studio in Denver to work out their model muscles.

We love any opportunity to learn and this shoot was chalk full of enlightening moments. The first being how to hold a cigarette properly.  As an added educational element we tossed this prop into the mix, hoping for some lip danglers with attitude.  After several warnings that you would not hold a cigarette in such a manner, unless you wanted to burn the palm of your hand, I still have not gotten the hang of holding one in my fingers. Clearly, I was not cut out to be a smoker. Probably for the best. I expect I would be dangerous walking around with an item capable of burning down a house.

But, the challenge was hardest for Michael. We may have had too high of expectations for a chiseled jaw line like his, but more…

Writer: Julie Gallahue


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