Denver Fashion Week: Spring 2017

Hosted on a Saturday night, Night Two is often our most attended show. This year was no exception. It was a completely sold out event. Attendees filled every nook and cranny of Saturday’s runway in order to catch a glimpse of spectacle that was about to occur.

With expectations running high, the lineup of designers was tailored for a strong show. Many of DFW’s veteran designers were on the docket including Maggie Burns, who also won the title for 303 Award’s Best Local Designer. Presenting her signature custom wedding gowns, the collection showcased everything you’d expect from a bridal line. Tulle, silk and lace, all in shades of white graced the runway for an elegant showing.

The glamor continued with two more DFW veterans, Gino Velardi and Rachel Marie Hurst. Earlier this season Velardi vowed he’d return to his roots with “drop-dead gowns.” The Colorado native did just that by presenting slinky vintage dresses that glittered with sequins. Stuart played his muse and came out in a bright red gown to compliment the fiery hues of her hair. Hurst followed suit with a chic line that used neutral tones and on-trend ruffled bell sleeves to thread together a cohesive collection.

Aside from the glamor of the veteran designers, the other trend on the runway looked towards the future. Frances Roces, Kotomi Yoshida and Nicholas Anthony all sewed a story that depicted their vision of tomorrow’s clothes. Both Roces and Yoshida drew from the east with Japanese influences whereas Anthony went intergalactic with structured suits and high priestess gowns.

After the spectacular showings, Night Two wrapped right before midnight — leaving just enough time for the team to prep for the third and final show.


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